Say Goodbye to Stale Art: Hello, Magnetic Frames & Prints

Multi-colored Leaves in Aspen Colorado, Young and Adult elephants at sunset, switchart magnetic set photo

“Multi-Colored Aspen Leaves with Rain Drop & Adult and Young Elephants, Sunset Light Set” at 

Hate the hassle of hanging frames? Wish you could do it once and magically refresh your art without re-hanging and positioning? 

Say goodbye to stale art and keep your place current, fresh and fun with SwitchArt™ Magnetic Frames and Prints. Special peel-and-stick prints adhere to magnetic frame like magic. Hang your frame once and replace prints often whenever your taste or interests change. 

All of us at Allposters are thrilled to launch this new and exclusive product which was inspired by billboard advertisement image application. Since hanging new wall art is a hassle for home decorators, why not apply that same simple billboard concept to replacing your art? 

Taste changes quickly — now your art can too with SwitchArt™. Watch our video to see how it works. 

Start Your SwitchArt™ Collection 

SwitchArt™ Sets include 1 magnetic frame + 2 magnetic prints.

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