Take a Bite Out of Pepperoni Pizza Day

When you’re talking about the most fun food out there, every fact is a fun fact. Long since the patron meal of sleepovers, neighborhood get-togethers, and late-night drunkchies, pizza is timeless. And pepperoni pizza? Downright iconic. Let’s dive into this delicious favorite.

It’s a cat surfing on a slice of pizza… because why not?


Pizza has been around since 997 AD

The first time the word “pizza” was used was in 997 AD in — you guessed it — Italy. The etymology is up for debate, with frontrunners including the Latin “pitta,” for a flat baked bread, Italian “pinza,” which comes from “pinsere,” to stamp or pound. It may also come from the Lombardic word “pizzo,” meaning mouthful. Wherever the word comes from, it’s clear that people have loved pizza for centuries.


Know your ingredients!

50% Of All Pizzas Orders In The US Include Pepperoni

Some sources say 36%, but the numbers are still high — even the New York Times has declared pepperoni as the ultimate pizza topping. First popularized on American pizzas somewhere in the early 20th century, pepperoni quickly took over. First imagined as a means of repurposing valuable meat, it’s become a staple that pushes over 250 million dollars’ worth of product a year.


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The world’s most expensive pizza costs almost $10,000

Although Guinness World Records lists a £100 thin-crust in London as the world’s most expensive pizza, big spenders can splash out with the Louis XIII, designed by pizza chef Renato Viola. If your wallet is hungry enough, you can have a small pizza catered to your home that includes Australian pink salt from the Murray River, three types of prestigious caviar, seafood from lobster to Mediterranean shrimp, and mozzarella made from buffalo milk. It’s finished with Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII (which has been served in Versailles and used by Churchill to celebrate his election victory), Champagne Krug Clos Du Mesnil, and Cardenal Mondoza Sanchez Charter Real Romate Finos brandy. You will need all three types of alcohol to sign the bill — it comes in at an incredible ₤8,300, or $9,930.37 at the time this article was written.

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Pepperoni is made from pork… AND beef

It sounds so gross, but it tastes so good – the out-of-this-world flavor of pepperoni isn’t something that the natural world came up with. Innovative Americans created this modern circle of satisfaction by combining dual meats into one perfect pizza topping. Since Americans put pepperoni on 36% of their pizzas, this combination has proven to be a popular one.

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You don’t have to love pepperoni pizza — no wait, you do. It’s almost un-American not to, and even meatless brands have embraced replicas of this essential slice of smoky meat flavor. So call your favorite pizzeria and celebrate this savory holiday in style.

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