10 Posters of Things to See in Washington D.C.

U.S. Capital Building Things to see in Washington, D.C. photo poster

US Capital Building, Washington, DC

Washington D.C. is the most famous capital in the world. Landmark attractions adorn the landscapes of the District of Columbia. The public can discover monuments dedicated to previous presidents, honorable citizens and soldiers of war. 

If you’re searching for a Washington D.C. memento, you’ve landed on the right page. Check out the best posters of things to see in Washington D.C. 

 Lincoln Memorial

Night view of the Lincoln Memorial things to see in Washington D.C. photo poster


A Night View of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and Capitol Building

The Lincolm Memorial was built with 36 stone columns. Inside the building features a statue of Abraham Lincoln thinking while sitting on a chair. Inscriptions from his infamous “Gettysburg Address” hang on the wall behind the 19-foot statue. It’s estimated that six million visitors view the statue every year. Discover more Lincoln Memorial posters >>

The White House

The White House US Capitol Building, Washington, DC things to see in Washington D.C. photo poster by Terry Why

US Capital, White House building, Washington, DC

Before receiving the “White House” name in 1901 by Theodore Roosevelt, it was called the “President’s Palace” and “Executive Mansion” and other names prior to that name. The address of the residence was selected in 1791 and President Adams was the first to reside in 1800. It was burned to the ground by the British in the War of 1812 and rebuilt later, with much of the original design remaining intact. Discover more White House posters >>

Washington Monument

American Flags at Washington Monument things to see in Washington D.C. black and white photo poster

American Flags at Washington Monument

The Washington Monument was built to honor George Washington in 1848. Due to a variety of circumstances, construction wasn’t completed until 1884. An elevator was added in 1898 and it’s still in use today. Renovation began in 1998 and ended in 2002, and in 2011 the building was repaired again to fix hurricane and earthquake damage. Discover more Washington Monument posters >>

Supreme Court Building

Supreme Court Building Illuminated at Night, Washington DC, USA things to see in Washington D.C. photo poster

Supreme Court Building Illuminated at Night, Washington DC, USA

The Supreme Court building was completed in 1935 after multiple rounds of convincing Congress to build one. In 1929, Chief Justice Howard Taft assigned architect Cass Gilbert to design “a building of dignity and importance suitable for its use as the permanent home of the Supreme Court of the United States.” The architectural design of the building was to showcase the Court and Judicial Branch as coequal and independent of the U.S. Federal Government. Discover more Supreme Court posters >>

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington DC, District of Columbia, USA things to see in Washington D.C. photo poster

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington DC, District of Columbia, USA

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated to soldiers, living and deceased, who fought in the Vietnam War. There are three sections of the Memorial: the Three Soldiers statue, the Vietnam Women’s Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. The Wall was completed in 1982, the Three Soldiers statue was finished in 1984, and the Women’s Memorial was constructed in 1993. Discover more Vietnam Veterans Memorial posters >>

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial things to see in Washington D.C. photo poster

Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C., USA

The Jefferson Memorial honors Thomas Jefferson, one of the nation’s Founding Fathers. Its design is based on an architecture concept that Jefferson drafted for the University of Virginia rotunda. Inside the building is a 19-foot statue of Jefferson, surrounded by inscriptions from the Declaration of Independence that he authored. Discover more Jefferson Memorial posters >>

Iwo Jima, Marine Corps War Memorial

Iwo Jima Memorial things to see in Washington D.C. photo poster

Iwo Jima Memorial, Washington DC, USA

Known as the Marine Corps War Memorial and the Iwo Jima Memorial, this monument honors all Marines who served the country starting in 1775 before the official formation of the United States. The statue is based on a photograph snapped by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal. Dwight Eisenhower commemorated the statue in 1954. Discover more Marine Corps War Memorial posters >>

Franklin Delano Roosevelt  Memorial

FDR Memorial things to see in Washington D.C. photo poster

Cherry Trees and Fountain at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

The FDR Memorial was conceived in 1978 by a designer named Lawrence Halprin. It was opened to the public in 1997, 20 years after its initial conceptual plan. It consists of four rooms, symbolizing Roosevelt’s four terms in office. A total of 21 quotes adorn the walls of this Memorial and various walls representing major events during his term. The monument is also the first to feature a First Lady and Presidential Pet. Discover more FDR Memorial posters >> 

World War II Memorial

World War 2 Memorial things to see in Washington D.C.

Fountains at a War Memorial, National World War II Memorial, Washington DC, USA

The National World War II Memorial honors all the 16 million soldiers who fought in World War II. 56 granite columns symbolize the idea of unity among the 48 states, seven federal territories and Washington, D.C. The Freedom Wall of 4,048 Gold Stars pays tribute to American lives who are deceased due to war. Battle names and military campaign destinations are also displayed.  Two 43-foot tall statues stand as a reminder of America’s victory on the Atlantic and Pacific fronts during World War II. Discover more World War II Memorial posters >>

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Washington D.C. White House things to see in Washington D.C. by Philippe Hugonnard

The White House South Lawn, Official Residence of the President of the US, Washington D.C

There are other monuments and beautiful attractions to see in Washington, D.C. You can find posters of these other landmarks by visiting our Washington D.C. poster collection. Explore and find the right poster for your space!

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