Famous Marvel Characters Who Survived Wolverine’s Claws

Wolverine Claws Tin Sign comic book wall art


James Logan Howlett is the Marvel Universe antihero better known as “Wolverine.” His iconic claws are one of the most recognizable symbols in comic book pop culture. The character is nearly indestructible but he’s faced enemies who have challenged his invincibility. 


The Incredible Hulk

Wolverine versus The Incredible Hulk issue number 181

Nothing can scratch the surface of the Hulk’s body—unless you’re equipped with Wolverine’s adamantium claws. After slashing the green giant, Wolverine is hurled across the snowy landscape while Hulk writhes in pain. After the character’s first appearance in The Incredible Hulk #181, Wolverine later joins the X-Men and develops an iconic status within the Marvel Universe.


Captain America

Captain America versus Wolverine issue number 8

There’s no shield or weapon capable of blocking Wolverine’s claws—unless it’s composed of vibranium. Captain America’s flag-laden armor repels Wolverine’s adamantium claws. The superhuman also possesses the strength to inflict heavy damage on the mutant. One hard punch from Cap will knock Wolverine more than several feet backwards.



Wolverine versus Sentinel issue number 178 artwork by Salvador Larroca

Sentinels, robotic behemoths about as tall as two-story homes, hunt down and terminate mutants like Wolverine. Due to their giant sizes, it takes many slashes before they fall to Wolverine’s claws. One particular Sentinel immune to Wolverine’s Claws is Master Mold—a menacing robot equal in height to average skyscrapers.


Omega Red

Omega Red versus Wolverine, Origins issue number 38 artwork by Doug Braithwaite

Omega Red’s body is impervious to Wolverine’s claws. The villain’s tentacles are composed of hard alloy that repels adamantium. Plus they suck energy from people, making him an energy vampire. Omega Red’s demise isn’t at the hands of Wolverine’s claws, it’s from a special sword striking his heart by none other than Wolverine.



Deadpool versus Wolverine, Origins issue number 24

Wolverine and Deadpool mirror each other in ability, powers and “claws.” Both are talented and cunning fighters, skilled in wielding sharp objects. And they heal. Wolverine’s claws are useless against someone who’s like himself. Plus, Deadpool recovers quicker.



Magneto versus Wolverine, Uncanny X-Force No. 9 cover artwork by Esad Ribic

The villain’s magnetic power provides him a natural immunity against Wolverine’s claws. Logan rarely uses his claws against Magneto, but one occasion would result in catastrophe. In “Fatal Attractions,” Wolverine’s battle against the master of magnetism turns fatal when Magneto liquifies his adamantium skeleton and rips it out of his body, piercing his skin and causing immense damage. The event forces Wolverine to utilize his natural bone claws.



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