It’s World Smile Day, So Here’s What Makes Us Smile

Sometimes the Universe can seem like it’s got it out for us. So here’s what you do. You take a step back and think about that one thing that makes you feel good, whenever and wherever. Easy peasy. And since today is World Smile Day, we thought we’d poll the team here at AllPosters to find out what things on and off our site turn that frown upside down. Spoiler alert: there are a lot of dogs.


“All of our amazing animal-themed products make me smile, but as a proud dog mom, this print White French Bulldog and Butterflies is a favorite. The only thing cuter than a French bulldog is a Frenchie with butterflies!” —Lorraine W.


This makes me smile for so many reasons! Mostly because it reminds me of driving across country, the open road and being alone with my thoughts while  I zone out and stare at the beauty in front of me.” —Candice S.


Hedgehogs, in general, make me smile. They are so serious and yet too adorable. This print captures the hedgehog spirit perfectly.” —Guillaume D.


“Absolutely ANYTHING Golden Girls. The comebacks. The reactions! I could watch the ‘Turkey Lurkey’ episode every day and crack up every time. I actually have this Sophia Funko POP figure at my desk because I might be obsessed.” —Lee D.




“I’m obsessed with roller coasters. I’ll actually fly to different cities around the world JUST to ride the best ones. So yeah, they make me smile. A lot.” —Rafael B.


“Remember that monkey that took a selfie a while back? It was hilarious. And now it’s a poster on my kid’s wall.” —John R.


“Seeing the Eiffel Tower at night was an unexpectedly emotional moment. I still get choked up thinking about it!” —Ben P.



And last, but not least…

“Corgi Butts!!! Because just look at them wiggle!!!” —Lauren K.


What makes you smile? Tell us in the comments.

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